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How Personal stylists can redesign their websites and marketing to sell!

business May 01, 2023

Do you ever notice that sometimes things appear in your life and suddenly your brain connects ideas across totally distinct parts of your life? 

Like in my 20's, I had this idea to write a book called "The MBA Girl's Guide To Dating." :-) I had been invited to a book club with other Business school classmates, to discuss the book "He's Just Not That Into You" and it got me thinking about how you could apply business strategies to a productive dating strategy. I won't go into the gory details of my potentially flawed thinking here (you'll have to wait for the book :-). The point is, I was drawing connections and parallels across business and dating. 

Anyway, this whole "wow, that's an interesting parallel" happened to me just this week and there is a business tip to share as a result!

I was making lunch, while working from home and fire caught my eye. 

My entire backyard was in flames! 

Ok, maybe not my backyard but the protected conservation area beyond my backyard was in flames!

It was on fire, on purpose!

See, the public/private partnership that takes meticulous care of these "openlands" routinely burns certain areas so that the healthy and native plants can thrive. Isn't that interesting? 

So, what's the business lesson here?

I had already been thinking about our business strategy and was even working on refining what our purpose is and how to articulate it for maximum growth. I had flirted with the idea of re-doing our entire website and customer journey but wondered if that was a good idea.

This fire on purpose made me realize that after 3 years of business, I could re-think it all and really internalize what we do and how we could make more impact.

That reminded me that sometimes we need to go back to the basics and think about:

  1. What problem are we solving for our customers?
  2. How can we efficiently deliver value and solutions for those particular customers?
  3. How are we uniquely positioned to solve those problems for those customers?

In order to really let these 3 business basics thrive, I needed to burn it all down and go back to the basics.

Here's what I did to find what's native about GoodPix:

  • Compiled all of the answers in my demo/sales consults to revisit "the pain" stylists were experiencing before joining GoodPix
  • Looked through 645 on-boarding surveys to see why stylists had joined GoodPix
  • Re-read our testimonials
  • Thought about our ideal customer and read my notes from coaching conversations, social media feedback, webinars and my business clarity sessions with our customers

All of this analysis helped me strip down everything so that I could truly focus on our mission: to uplift, educate and empower stylist entrepreneurs with technology, commissions and proven frameworks to grow businesses that they love and impact so many more lives.

I burned down the marketing website, even though it was pretty.

And now we have a simplified, more clear marketing site, a better customer journey, an all-in-one platform that I can run all of our marketing, analytics, customer funnels and programs through (I chose function over fashion but didn't have to totally compromise - ask me about it if you're interested) and a roadmap for executing the vision.

Oh and I finally got this damn blog that you're reading launched!

(P.S. Although I'd call myself pretty tech-savvy, I might be the only person who rather dislikes WordPress).

I encourage you to think about the basics of your business and maybe even "burn it all down" at least in your mind, to let your natural gifts and core messaging thrive, perhaps in a new, modern and tech-enabled manner?  Ask yourself the questions above and then re-read your testimonials and really think about the client transformation you've orchestrated. Do more of what has worked. Double down on your gifts and don't be afraid to sell!

Old site:

It's time to meet the demand for your expertise

I believe that your time is now. Never before have consumers craved personalized curation and styling from an expert like you, more than they do now. All you need is clarity on your offer, target market and marketing strategy plus modern technology and access to commissions. 

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