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The future is about personal recommendations and online styling 

Elevate your business with editorial lookbooks, private client sites and commissionable products from beloved brands.

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1.2 Million+


$10+ Million


"GoodPix has been instrumental in sharing personalized shopping suggestions with our clients. I have been looking for years (literally) for the best solution for both our team and our clients.

GoodPix is the answer ."

Emily, Founder + CEO @Ready To Where, a national personal styling team


Create shoppable styleboards, and lookbooks in minutes. Stop uploading images into Canva or PowerPoint.

Private Client Sites

Give each client their own private "style" site full of your shopping recommendations, lookbooks, a lookbook calendar & digitize their wardrobe.


GoodPix curates partner retailers and tracks your sales automagically. Recommend via SHOP, clients sites, text, email, blog and EARN!

Invoicing & Sales Pages

Elevate your brand and business with gorgeous invoices and sales pages so you can get paid in style.

The top Pros are using GoodPix daily 

We're powering six and multi-six figure stylists and styling groups. In fact, these pros have influenced exactly what we've built. Their feature requests came from how to serve their top clients in the most professional, convenient and differentiating ways.  

Hear from just 3 of our talented members:


"GoodPix is the solution we had needed for years...

a platform to not only style our client's outfits but earn commission on our client's purchases. If we would have used GoodPix last year we would have increased revenue by tens of thousands of dollars. As a founder and stylist, I'm constantly looking for ways to add value to our clients. GoodPix allows us to utilize our client's closets by incorporating what they already own with what we buy them- this is such a benefit to the client and makes our service even more accessible and addictive."

-Maegan Watson, CEO @WatsonStyleGroup (styling virtually and in-person across 10 major U.S. cities)

Earn more


"The new GoodPix invoicing tool is enabling me to take on twice the clients during this busy season.

GoodPix is instrumental in helping me organize all of my client information in one location. I use it as a way to arrange and edit items I am shopping for to only pull the best options for that client. I also use it to inventory product that we are requesting on behalf of the clients (as we offer a full high touch styling service where we shop for the clients and bring it to them). This system allows me to offer the client a better way to manage their wardrobe and purchase more smartly and effectively."

-Janel @BuildbyJanel, Styles on-air talent and busy professionals in Greenwhich, CT + 

get organized & serve more


"GoodPix has been transformational for my business.

At the start of the pandemic, my business came to a screeching halt and I felt completely frustrated and lost. Within GoodPix, I found myself part of a community of personal stylists from around the world and learning a way to grow my business in a new direction from how I had been functioning for the previous 14 years. Now, I use the GoodPix platform every day and it's allowed me to work with more clients simultaneously than I ever did before. The GoodPix team is generous with their knowledge and invested in our success. I'm grateful to them for creating a fantastic platform for personal stylists like myself to grow our businesses & service our clients in a professional and inspired way."

-Jodi @JSPersonalStyling, styling virtually and locally in Texas

Transform your business

Plans to grow with you

All plans include every feature and benefit and pricing is based on the number of clients (private client sites). For 0-3 clients/client sites, you'll be in our Entrepreneur plan. For unlimited clients/client sites, join our Growth plan and be sure you let us know if you would like us to help you upload all of your clients and their data. You'll start with a FREE 7 day trial and you can upgrade or downgrade anytime.

Entrepreneur Plan


or $990 Annually (2 months free)

  • Up to 100 Clients/Private Sites
  • Style Boards & Lookbooks
  • Shop & Earn Commissions
  • Invoicing
  • SHOP site (+ link-in-bio)
  • Sales Pages for Services
  • Community & Support
  • Styling business Webinars & training
  • 365 Days of Done-For-You Shoppable Marketing content 
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Growth Entrepreneur


or $1,490 Annually (2 months free)

  • Unlimited Clients/Private Sites
  • Style Boards & Lookbooks
  • Shop & Earn Commissions
  • Invoicing
  • SHOP site ( + link-in-bio)
  • Sales Pages for Services
  • Community & Support
  • Styling business Webinars & training
  • 365 Days of Done--For-You Shoppable Marketing content
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Hi there, I'm Anne —

"With GoodPix, I've been able to double my business and go from shlepping to serving way more clients. 

If someone had told me a few years ago that 99% of my 16- year old styling business would be online - I would never have believed it! But thanks to Mary Liz and Goodpix that is exactly what happened."


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