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Brand to know and love: Loeffler Randall

brand love Apr 28, 2023
GoodPix Partner retailers Loeffler Randall

It's not often that you find a brand who checks every box. And it's even more rare to find a brand who has survived not only the past few years but has been a cult favorite for 18 years. 

I first discovered Loeffler Randall as a boutique founder. I founded Perchance in 2007 and Loeffler Randall was only 2 years on the scene. As a shoe boutique initially, I bought Loeffler Randall as one of our 12 key lines. 

Instantly, the line was a best seller. I still wear all of my LR boots, heels and flats and I'm often reminded by past clients and friends that 16 years later, they still wear theirs too! My bestie even had her LR boots re-soled because she was literally wearing them out!

These days, LR is a beloved GoodPix partner and our stylists love recommending LR to their clients. They now make gorgeous handbags, accessories and even ready-to-wear.  

Scroll through their site and you'll have a hard time .

Here's why we love Loeffler Randall:

  • perfect blend of feminine and cool
  • impeccable quality & comfort thanks to their perfected handy craftwork
  • timeless - they will never get edited out of your closet!
  • female founded and owned (Jesse's awesome husband Brian runs the business, helps with their 3 kids and is a huge supporter of women)
  • eco-friendly and conscious leaders - only make what they need, responsibly sourced, supportive to workers (most of whom are female and use their fair compensation to pay for education) 
  • philanthropic - have raised almost $50K  
  • their shoes & boots make you feel so good - they're seriously magical

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