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How to Price your Personal Styling Services

pricing Apr 27, 2023

Every entrepreneur struggles with how to price their services, products and packages. This is especially challenging when what you're selling is your own expertise, one-to-one! 

We've been powering top personal stylists since 2020 and it's still one of the top challenges. What else is really hard? Articulating their value when selling their services

Turns out, these two, when done well, go together like prints and stripes!  

Let's break down why it's hard and what you can do to maximize your pricing with full confidence.

First, why is it so hard to price our services? I asked a few stylists and here's what they said:

  • It's hard to know what to price, based on the time I invest in a service - should it be hourly?
  • I've been taught not to trade dollars for hours and I have packages, but coming up with a value figure is super nebulous.
  • I struggle to explain why my service is so valuable so I end up low balling myself! 

So, what can you do about it?

  1. Get total clarity on who you serve and what problems you're solving
  2. Read through your testimonials, texts and other feedback from happy clients
  3. Write out a sales page that articulates your offer/solution (tip: pretend you're writing it for your best friend who is a stylist and you want to help her win clients - this takes away all the feelings which are preventing you from selling)
  4. Test and learn. Sell in one offer, deliver that offer/outcome and then figure out how you can increase your price without increasing the time you spend to deliver the service (hint: use technology that helps you scale your 1:1 services)

GoodPix members: Watch our member webinar to get the full playbook.

It's time to meet the demand for your expertise

I believe that your time is now. Never before have consumers craved personalized curation and styling from an expert like you, more than they do now. All you need is clarity on your offer, target market and marketing strategy plus modern technology and access to commissions. 

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