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One Reason Why Top Personal Stylists Choose GoodPix for Client Styling: The Magic of AI Background Removal

client love styling technology Nov 30, 2023
Background Removal on client closet uploads

In the world of personal styling, visuals are everything.

Top personal stylists understand the importance of presenting their clients with a seamless and visually beautiful experience. That's why they turn to GoodPix, the leading platform offering best-in-class tools to deliver modern, world-class 

In this blog post, we'll explore one of the key reasons why top personal stylists choose GoodPix: the magic AI background removal tool for their client's closet images.

The GoodPix background removal tool is next is so smart that it can remove the busy outline of a rug with a print and nail it perfectly!

1. Elevate the Visual Experience:
When it comes to styling, visuals play a crucial role in capturing the attention and trust of clients. GoodPix's AI background removal tool takes the hassle out of editing closet images, allowing personal stylists to present their clients with a polished and professional visual experience. By effortlessly removing the background from images in one click, stylists can focus on styling outfits from their client's closet, the most beloved service of all.

2. Save Time and Effort:
Personal stylists are often juggling multiple clients and tasks simultaneously. GoodPix's AI background removal tool streamlines the image editing process, saving stylists valuable time and effort. With just one click, stylists can remove backgrounds from multiple images, eliminating the need for manual editing or outsourcing the task. This time-saving feature allows stylists to focus on what they do best: curating personalized shopping recommendations and creating looks for their clients.

3. Consistency and Branding:
Maintaining a consistent brand image is essential for personal stylists. GoodPix's AI background removal tool ensures that all closet images have a uniform and professional look, aligning with the stylist's brand aesthetic. By removing distracting backgrounds, stylists can create a cohesive visual experience across their client's private style portal, powered by GoodPix. This consistency helps to build brand trust among clients and potential customers.

4. Enhance Client Engagement and "Stickiness":
The magic of GoodPix's AI background removal tool extends beyond just aesthetics. By presenting clients with clean and clutter-free images, personal stylists can enhance client engagement and interaction. With a clean digital closet, clients love browsing through their clean and organized virtual closets and even uploading new pieces for their stylists to style. Once a client's closet is digitized, she wants to keep working with her stylist for more outfits. This interactive experience fosters a stronger connection between the stylist and client, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

GoodPix's AI background removal tool is a game-changer for personal stylists, providing them with a powerful tool to elevate their styling services. By effortlessly removing backgrounds from closet images, stylists can create a visually appealing and engaging experience for their clients. The time-saving benefits, consistent branding, and enhanced client engagement make GoodPix the go-to platform for top personal stylists.

Since the launch of the GoodPix AI background removal tool, Stylists and clients now have over 300,000 closet items beautifully displayed in their digital wardrobe.

Discover the magic of AI background removal with GoodPix and take your personal styling business to new heights.

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