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What is the secret sauce behind six and multi-six figure stylists?

stylist Nov 30, 2023
GoodPix is powering hundreds of six and multi-six figure Personal Stylists. We have a bird's eye view on what makes them successful.Stylists are using GoodPix to power different types of styling businesses and multiple streams of revenue:
  • in-person styling packages
  • virtual styling services
  • hybrid in-person and virtual client experiences
  • memberships (one-to-one and one-to-many)
  • one-time digital products like visual color/body type analysis or seasonal capsules
  • money-making newsletters and SHOPs (Instagram link-in-bio)
  • group style coaching and digital courses

Some are running one of these but most have multiple offers.

Across all of these styling businesses, what is the one thing we've noticed about every stylist entrepreneur?

They are obsessed with delivering the best client experience.

 What is the best client experience?

  1. Convenient

    (no pdfs or clunky links, easily accessible from their phone)
  2. Beautiful

    (modern and clean)
  3. Useful in their everyday lives

    (online wardrobe, styled outfits, easy curated shopping, calendar lookbooks, stylist-client collaboration)

Looks a little like this

It's time to meet the demand for your expertise

I believe that your time is now. Never before have consumers craved personalized curation and styling from an expert like you, more than they do now. All you need is clarity on your offer, target market and marketing strategy plus modern technology and access to commissions. 

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