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The single biggest opportunity to double your styling business next month is right there - in your lap!

business styling May 02, 2023

We all want to grow our businesses by attracting new clients and when we feel like we really need to up our game, we start posting on social more often, tweaking our offers, changing our pricing and writing on our blog again.

All of that is great, especially if it works.

But, what if I told you that you that there is a better, faster and more effective opportunity to double your styling business by next month? And it's sitting right there in your :-).

Here's the strategy that so many don't even execute, even though it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. 

Sell a new offer to your past/existing styling clients.

You could offer them a much lower ongoing service price because you know them. They (& you) have already invested time and money in you getting to know them and what works for them. This means you'll be faster, more efficient and better at making recommendations and styling them. 

The key is to leverage a platform built for Stylists to help you deliver the service. I recommend GoodPix (wink wink) but you could also patch together several other tools to deliver this new service. 

Think about what you have to offer now that's different and compelling! Tech can be your differentiator to wow and delight your clients for life. For example, if you have catalogued their closet -even in laydowns or photos on your computer or phone, this is amazing data that you could use to better serve your clients going forward. You can upload them and make outfits out of what's in their closet! Everyone wants this. If you now have a way to easily give them digital lookbooks on their own little mini website so they can easily get dressed in the morning, they will be thrilled. If you have a calendar lookbook so they can plan out the outfits you create for them, this is the future. If you can easily share shoppable style boards and curated product boutiques online, they 

Here are a few ideas to execute now:

  1. Let's say you have consistent clients who work with you twice a year when they book your signature service. Awesome. What could you offer them the other 8-10 months?  A membership to get monthly outfits or shopping recs? On-demand styling advice? Event styling? 
  2. Maybe you have lots of one-hit-wonders (you know, clients you only worked with once)? Perhaps you focused on bringing in new clients and never created a strategy to keep working with your hard earned clients beyond their initial service? No problem. You can go to them with a new offer because now you're digitized and you have access to send them shopping recommendations and digital lookbooks, even if they or you have moved. You can provide your expertise remotely now and this convenience is so valuable. 
  3. Launch a monetized newsletter and send it to all of your past/current clients and leads! You're already shopping for this month's clients. What if you sent a beautiful weekly, shoppable (and commission earning) newsletter to everyone on your list - past clients, existing client and even prospective clients? Close the newsletter with the new offer to shop and style for them personally. And please, for the love, make it EASY for them to book a service - in 1-2 clicks! 

Your past clients are gold.  They already know you, they trust you. Do they know what you can do for them now?


It's time to meet the demand for your expertise

I believe that your time is now. Never before have consumers craved personalized curation and styling from an expert like you, more than they do now. All you need is clarity on your offer, target market and marketing strategy plus modern technology and access to commissions. 

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